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See REAL Newtown MediSpa patients transformations and why so many choose us for CoolSculpting.

While the patient experience is very important to us, we know that for you, RESULTS matter most. Fortunately for you, Newtown MediSpa uses the best fat freezing and Coolsculpting technology ensuring you a transformative result with an exceptional experience.

Only real Newtown MediSpa patient before and after photos are shown on our site and social media. This allows you to see the results we've achieved for our patients. We understand it's important for you to see others who look like you and who have done CoolSculpting so you can get excited about your own transformation.

During a consultation, we will create the most effective, customized CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan with you. Our facility is a "No Judgement Zone" and we want each patient to feel comfortable about being open and honest about their bodies. Our down-to-earth and compassionate Coolsculpting team is just as excited as you about your upcoming body transformation – and the latest Coolsculpting Elite technology.


Our Coolsculpting specialists also know what to expect since they've all been treated themselves, and they bring a unique perspective that will leave you feeling excited and knowledgeable about your treatment.

CoolSculpting Before & After – Arms
CoolSculpting Before & After – Abdomen
CoolSculpting Before & After – Abdomen and Flanks
CoolSculpting Before & After – Chin
CoolSculpting Before & After – Flanks
CoolSculpting Before & After – Inner Thigh
CoolSculpting Before & After – Other
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