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When it comes to your wallet, our "Chill Suite" Guarantee gives you the peace of mind to leave your worries behind.


Newtown MediSpa offers Connecticut's FIRST guarantee on your Coolsculpting results. Our "Chill Suite" Results Guarantee provides you with peace of mind that we will deliver the results you deserve. 

Did you know? Newtown MediSpa is the only practice in Connecticut to offer Coolsculpting Elite at all locations with every treatment!

The new Coolsculpting Elite technology provides a 96% tissue contact (compared to 66% with the previous technology) giving you a faster and more complete treatment-to-transformation. Plus, we have dedicated ourselves to not raising pricing for this new technology.


Call the office to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for Coolsculpting. All of our policies and guarantee details will be discussed at your original consultation.

During your consultation, your Coolsculpting specialist will provide you with a customized treatment plan based upon a full body assessment and your goals – this is called a Treatment-To-Transformation plan. She will then review your plan, pricing, financing options, and discuss the option to participate in our "Chill Suite" Results Guarantee.

Although rare, if you do not see a visible reduction in fat (pinchable fat) over the treated area, and have opted into our "Chill Suite" Guarantee program, we will re-treat that specific area for free.

  • Re-treatment to be assessed at 8-14 weeks post first treatment session.

  • There must not be a weight fluctuation (>5 lbs).

  • ALL appointments for post-procedural evaluation must be kept. Failure to follow up will void this guarantee.

  • Treatment must be fully completed as per your consultation, assessment, and plan. If you elect to stop treatments or to limit the number of applications prescribed, the guarantee is void.

  • Use of Alastin's TransFORM Body Treatment cream at home is required.

  • Not valid on "flash-sales" or "event pricing" UNLESS patient has a full consult with a provider and a full treatment plan is then committed to.

  • All Coolsculpting treatments prescribed in the plan must be paid in full at inception.

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