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Our Team

We are proud to have one of the most compassionate and experienced team in the Northeast.

Our dedicated team of certified Coolsculpting specialists have received training at Allergan® Pharmaceutical's CoolSculpting® University. We have FOUR Master-certified and THREE certified specialists across both locations, so you can count on the best results with us.


We are thrilled to be the only Coolsculpting provider in Connecticut with 100% Coolsculpting Elite technology and THREE Elite machines, offering our patients the BEST technology in fat reduction.


With over 7,800 successful CoolSculpting treatments to date, we are the FASTEST growing Coolsculpting provider in CT! CoolSculpting is a transformative treatment and we can't wait to be a part of your journey.  


Debra Sullivan

PA-C, Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist


Angela Sullivan

RN, Certified Coolsculpting Specialist


Tiffany Rydz

APRN, Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist


Dina Fay

ME, Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist

4_26_2022, 5_11_18 PM.jpg

Katie Katjor

RN, Certified Coolsculpting Specialist

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